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1. Listen Weekly Title Sponsorship Monthly Campaign

1. Listen Weekly Title Sponsorship Monthly Campaign

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Leaning on 25 years of marketing experience and 76k Facebook followers on my personal page as a base to expand LISTEN WEEKLY. Real Conversations with Real People about Real Life.

Month-long Title Sponsor for a single entity. Either a business, a product, an event or an opportunity.

Each Campaign runs for 4 episodes of the, Listen Weekly with Timothy Jones, podcast.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the first 2 Title sponsors receive the launch discount.

Also, those first 2 Title Sponsors have  option to purchase more month-long campaigns at the same price during the first launch year (May 2024-May 2025).

Campaign Includes:

- Audible promotional read as the Title Sponsor within first 2 minutes of each episode. For instance, “This episode of Listen Weekly is brought to you by Your business or organization or short film or book or product or opportunity or clothing brand or event.”

- 30 second video to be played by or before 1/2 way mark of episode.

Note: The 2 Launch Title sponsors will have a 60 second video instead of 30 seconds. Those 2 launch Title sponsors will also have the 60 second video honored during the first year launch if they choose to run more campaigns during the launch year (May 2024-May 2025).

- Indefinite life on the episode via various platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Spotify etc.

- 2nd Audible promotional read of up to to 200 words near 3/4 mark of episode.

- Mentions on social media as Title sponsor for that week’s episode.

Campaign price $5,000 per episode ($20,000 per month-long campaign).

PLEASE NOTE: Launch discount for first 2 Title Sponsors of $2,500 per episode ($10,000 per month-long campaign).

Payment can be made here online. Payment also be made via Zelle or Wire Transfer.

For any questions, Zelle Information or Wire Transfer details, please contact Timothy Jones directly at 281-560-3877

If payment is made here online, you will be contacted with instructions on how to send video segment after payment is received. We do offer video production services at $400 per video. PLEASE NOTE: The $400 video production fee is waived for Title Sponsors.

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